Lab Rat Arts and Associates

Lab Rat Arts and Associates, a group of multifaceted professional artists; founded by JRyanArtist, the Anomalous Brush, and Big as ART!

The Lab Rats experiment in creativity and embody the processes of creating visual art.

You never know what may happen in the art laboratory however, rest assured, it will be interesting and slightly unexpected.

There are no rules, no limitations and no impossibilities in the lab; the artist-scientists are not afraid to experiment.

The LAB Rats use what they have, imagine what is possible and create new and exciting outcomes.

"Whatever bigger dreams we are working on individually, Let's assist each other with them as we cultivate new ones!"

Our Portfolio

Let's Create Something!

Our Team

We believe ART ignites change!

The Artist - Team

100+ Years Experience

We enjoy working together as a team as often as we can. We assist each other on our individual projects along with team projects.

JRyanArtist - Conceptual Artist

10+ Years Experience

Creativity has no room for limitations! No Rules.

Contact JRyan: 318-393-8203.

Steve Zihlavsky - Multidisciplinary Artist

40+ Years Experience

Owner of the Anomalous Brush, Steve's creative thinking and new ideas are his stock pot. As projects progress, this stew is seasoned to perfection with different and just the right tastes.

Contact Steve: 318-469-5057.

Johnny - The Master Artist

50+ Years Experience

Owner of Big As Art, Johnny is called our secret weapon. A master of the visual and musical arts, he is often in the mix showing and teaching us what a real master Artist does.

The Lab Rats Have a lot to offer

We believe art is for the community it transforms spaces and individual lives. Art has the power to heal and unite, but is never silent and connot be ignored because it always tells a story.

Art changes minds and ultimately changes everything.

Our Services

Hmm. What do we do, you ask?

We Rats thank you for considering us for your project. With a 'Get it Done' attitude and well over 100 years combined experience, our goal is your satisfaction. We are a professional team of artists and enjoy not only each others company, but often invite others to addend the multitude of our own skill sets. We opt not to narrow the scope of these capabilities, rather, we prefer to expand thru learning and experimentation..

Our projects include and, are not limited to: business, residential, children's and school murals, a variety of sculpture, public art, custom fabrication in art, fine art, consultation and idea generation, faux and decorative finishes, signage and,graphic design. We are locals to the Shreveport/Bossier City, Louisiana vicinity however, we'll travel for a wide variety of ventures.


If you simply need some creativity in a room. Painted or a 3-Dimensional tree, refreshing new colors or you would like to add some personality to your media room, we can create a room you would be proud to show.


Bring imagination, vision and expressiveness to your young one's spaces through art. Realism, fantasy, illusions, superheroes and princesses, even a winding maze if you wish! The possibilities are as limitless as the creativity that art in youth inspires in formative years. We can help you design a room your child will actually enjoy!


An excellent way to extend a child’s learning environment beyond the classroom. Murals can feature illustrations of places, animals, charts, learning aids, and people, among other themes, that serve as educational tools as well as inspiration for students.


Whether you are an event planner or coordinating a red carpet affair. We can create props to make your event unforgettable. Corporate promotions, weddings, birthday parties, family fun days, festivals and more.


Our award winning group of Artists, bring over 45+ years of combined experience to each project. In addition to traditional design methods, we continually explore the benefits of new materials and technologies in order to provide the broadest range of options possible.


We work with all reasonable budgets. Whether you seek a mural, sculpture, centerpieces & props. Design fine art or project development. Perhaps custom or faux finishing, lettering or signage on interior/exterior walls or furniture... This isn't a definitive list. Let us work together to create something.

The price depends on the undertaking. Let's talk about your ideas and together we will work out the details. We offer both quality and fair pricing, will do our absolute best to make your vision become a reality on your budget and, will do so with a passion for the project you have in mind.


We accept all majior credit cards, cash and checks.

We also offer gift certificates in various amounts that you can give to your friends and family.

Some projects may require half payment upfront to cover supply cost

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We aid our clients with design considerations such as environment, longevity, lighting, colorshift, and the strengths and limitations of different projects. Consideration of these variables allow us to work closely with clients toward determining and maintaining a realistic budget with quality results.


Projects Completed


Clients Satisfied


Creative Ideas


Hours Experience

Being able to think outside the box gives us an advantage. We can experiment with many materials creating something never been seen. We can explore many options working with many different budgets to suit your needs. We enjoy what we do and this makes for a happy working enviroment which is most important. Support you local artist!

The laboratory

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Lab Rat Arts
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